High Precision Plate

Three elements for achieving high precision.

  • Material Selection

    Manufacturers release new materials regularly.
    However, most of them are modifications of SKD11, and are improved particularly in terms of cutting ability.

    This means that other important properties are lost.

    Our starting point for manufacturing high precision plates is the careful selection of materials.

  • Heat Processing

    Heat treatment is a process invisible to the eye.

    When a problem occurs, it is difficult to determine whether it was caused by the material, heat treatment or machining.

    It all comes down to having a trustworthy supplier.

  • Processing know-how

    Every manufacturing process, such as machining, grinding, wire cutting and jig grinding must be carried out carefully.

    Moreover, each process requires the highest level of expertise.

    We have extensive know-how in minimizing a plate’s residual stress as well as in high precision manufacturing.

The main features of high precision plate
「Zero Secular Change」「Short Lead Time」「High Precision」 Aiming for Zero Secular Change

Toyo precision regards high precision plate as its main products and focuses on ”Zero Secular Change” ”Short Lead Time” ”High Precision”.

The main features of high precision plate

Toyo Precision Co.,LTD. Manufacturer for high precision plates aiming for zero secular change.

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