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Commitment to three elements that achieve high precision
New materials are being released one after another by manufacturers. However, most of them are improved versions of SKD11. Most of them are materials with better machinability than SKD11. Moreover, in order to do so, we are sacrificing important characteristics of SKD11. Material selection is the starting point for high-precision plates.
Heat treatment
Heat treatment is invisible. Even when a problem occurs, it is difficult to identify (the cause) whether it is the material, heat treatment, or processing. In the end, is there no choice but to trust the contractor?
Processing know-how
In the machining process, none of the steps can be neglected, including machining, grinding, wire EDM, EDM, jig grinding, etc. And each step is a mass of know-how. There is a lot of know-how involved in how to achieve high-precision machining without leaving residual stress.
Importance of high-precision plates
Zero aging, short delivery time, and high precision
Toyo Precision positions high-precision plates as its main products.
We are focusing on "zero aging", "quick delivery", and "high precision".
Aging is a very difficult issue as materials, heat treatment, and processing are intricately intertwined.
Aiming for "zero change over time," we study every day and say, "Toyo Precision plates hardly change."
We have received high praise from our customers. We also ensure pitch accuracy of ±0.002mm and focus on short delivery times.
We are aiming to further shorten the delivery time with a set of 6 plates.
Importance of high-precision plates
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