「Zero Secular Variation」「Short Lead Time」「High precision」

Aiming for “Zero Secular Change”.

3 ways to high speed, high precision stamping.

Aiming for Zero Secular Change

Secular change of plates is a highly complicated phenomenon caused by various factors, such as material, heat treatment and machining.
We are furthermore committed to reducing the die’s residual stress as far as possible.

Our expertise is based on many years of experience; We meet the needs of our customers by means of material selection, process management and machining, and implement them with our zero secular change approach.

Our company’s catchphrase “Aiming for Zero Secular Change“ and our delivery performance are widely known among customers and industry officials. Our products are highly acclaimed: “Plates by Toyo Precision hardly change at all.

Pitch Accuracy ± 0.002mm

We are able to meet the specific requirements our customers have for our products, and the plates we supply are made to match the blueprint perfectly.

For us, meeting such requirements is a matter of course, and we continuously refine our skills by manufacturing extremely sophisticated plates with a high accuracy.

Not only can our technology guarantee the specified precision, but also minimizes the abrasion of moving parts in long-term production.

From material arrangement to finished product – Short-term delivery around the world

For example, the standard manufacturing time for a set of six plates is two weeks from material arrangement to the finished product.

We have devised a “non-stop“ production system and have recently received a lot of feedback that our products are inexpensive considering the high quality standard and short production time.


The main features of High-Precision plate