Five benefits of high precision plates with a pitch accuracy of ± 0.002mm

High-Precision plate

Productivity increase by means of a higher stamping speed.

High-Precision plateEnhanced quality and yield rates by means of stable production with uniform stamped parts. 
High-Precision plateExtend parts life cycle by minimizing abrasion of expendable parts such as punches and dies.
High-Precision plateSignificant reduction of time required for die assembly and adjustment.
High-Precision plateReduced maintenance frequency.

Could your efforts to cut back on the cost of dies have unintended outcomes?

Dies are always a major cost factor. With regard to a high investment, customers tend to focus on cutting back on the cost of dies. In fact, in most cases this measure becomes to be rather cost-up in the stamping process.
At first, many of our customers used our plates because of their high accuracy, believing that a high-end product requires high-precision dies. It then emerged that our plates were also responsible for a significant cost reduction in the stamping process.

Perfect plates reduce tool vibration.

Our expertise in plate manufacturing enables us to reduce die vibration. On behalf of one of our customers we succeeded in reducing the vibration from 20-50μm to 8μm, which resulted in a considerable cost reduction. With high precision plates, carbide parts fit accurately, the position of the cutting edge is determined perfectly, and the die moves smoothly. This is the most effective measure against the abrasion of carbide parts, and we believe it should have top priority.